Can Monat Cause Hair loss

Can Monat Cause Hair loss?

Maybe you have you been asking yourselves this exact question:  "Can Monat cause hair loss"? Learn about what causes hair loss and if hair products such as Monat can cause it too.

Obviously I love Monat and have had the exact opposite effects of the product when it comes to hair loss.  My hair has grown! A lot!  This was the main reason why I kept using it and still do to this day.

Don't you hate it when...You want to have a beautiful glossy and flowing hair but one day, after a nice a bath, you comb your hair and you noticed hair strands on your brush! What a bummer!

Don't put yourself in the position where you have to doubt the product you are using and search for a new one that will best benefit your hair.

But if you have not tried Monat you should!  

What Causes Hair loss?

Can Monat Cause Hair loss?

So, what really causes hair loss? Before you suspect the hair product you are using, Let's first take these facts into consideration.

Here are some definite factors that might be causing your hair loss dilemma:

  • Stress
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Genetics
  • Harsh styling
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Medication

Identifying the cause of your hair loss

Identifying the cause of hair loss

There are quite a lot of possible causes of your hair loss. But what exactly is causing you this problem? When you are in a stressful work environment, it can  increase your body’s production of adrenaline.

This will be converted into cholesterol, which is capable of raising your body’s levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone (androgen) that has huge impact on hair growth, frequently causing hair loss and/or thinning some people's hair who have follicles sensitive to circulating levels.

However, too-high levels can also impact the hair growth cycle, especially in women.

"Another important point is that when we are stressed, we often do not look after ourselves as we should. For instance, we may skip meals or eat more processed foods than usual – which while convenient, have little nutritional benefit.

Diet has wide-reaching implications on hair growth, with improper nutrition being a leading cause of hair loss in women. This includes vitamin imbalances, iron deficiency, inadequate protein intake, and meals that contain too few calories." -

Is Monat causing my hair loss?

I personally have no bad experience with Monat. But there might be some people who did and I want to be completely transparent about this issue.

I have read through some articles online and there are some women who claimed that they are using Monat and it is causing hair loss.

I am not discrediting these I just don't understand becasue this is not my experience. 

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My Opinion on Monat Causing Hair loss

I can not deny the statement and actual experience of some users. However, I am a Monat user and so far I have yet to experience these bad results.

I guess it is a case to case basis depending on the user. After all, I have mentioned factors that can contribute to hair loss.

If those other factors are present on a person, then using Monat might just increased hair loss rate compared to when they are not using. Nevertheless, hair loss would still occur.

You might have a different experience with Monat. So let us know if you too are experiencing hair loss with their products.

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