What’s the Difference Between Market Partner and VIP Customer?

Both market partner and vip customer play big roles in a growing business. Without these two some businesses might collapse because they don't have the right personnel to keep them going to produce revenue that they need to sustain their service.

They are like the pillars of businesses, YES we all know businesses get their revenues from customers so the idea of VIP customers might make sense. But what about market partners?

Well you see, market partners play significant roles as well as VIP customers to keep the business going. They are also considered as businesses but in a smaller scale, they are connected to the main business to bring in and reach out to more customers that the main business can't focus on.

They are more of like a BRANCH of a TREE. Without them businesses will not grow exponentially in a certain manner.

What's a Monat Market Partner?

market partner and vip customer

A Monat market partner is a person who is part of the company that distributes our products. They are also considered as affiliates because they are the ones responsible for expanding our brand and helping our business grow in the market.

These monat market partners are teamed up with the most capable individual who took advantage of the opportunity to earn serious money with our most competitive compensation plans in the industry – up to 40% on personal sales commissions as well as amazing promotions and benefits.

What is a VIP Customer?

A VIP customer is what its name stands for. Very Important Person as we like to call it. 

VIPs are also people loyal to a certain business who patronizes such services that is given to them.

Our VIPs get benefits and perks that regular customers doesn't have, I mean why else would we be having them as VIPs if we don't have something special for them?

market partner and vip customer
market partner and vip customer

VIP customers get discounts and free shipping with their orders of our products. They also get FREE PRODUCTS once a month, products that are usually limited edition and not every one can access them.

They are also qualified for our rewards system for every 3 additional person that they enroll as VIP with us. We do not only treat our VIPs special, we only give them thanks for having the time to share what our products offer.

Now, isn't that amazing? VIP customers get all these and more when they enroll with us. If you want to become a VIP, learn more because we have so much more to offer for our VIP customers!

VIP or  Partner. Which one is for me?

It all ready depends on what you want to achieve and benefit from us. You want the perks of free products every month and special offers including free shipping and discounts? Then be our VIP customer!

But if you want to really turn it up and make sales and money of your own while also having the opportunity and perks to use and benefit from our products, then be our partner and start earning to change your life towards a brighter future!

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